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Our travel consultants are expert travel planners, get in touch today and see how we can help you with your holidays to Vietnam and nearby Southeast Asia countries.

Mr. Alex Duy

English Sales Manager

My full Vietnamese name is Nguyen Van Duy. I graduated from the Hanoi University of Foreign Studies in early 2000 and I have been working at Paradise Travel since it began. I am proud to be part of its dedicated and enthusiastic team that works hard to create unique and flexible tours so our customers can experience the beauty and culture of my homeland, as well as the neighboring countries.

The best part of my job is traveling and talking with people from all over the world. Through my work at Paradise Travel, I have had the great opportunity to visit nearly every corner of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Based on my experience, I am confident in providing our clients the best suggestions and advice to ensure an enjoyable, memorable trip of a lifetime in Vietnam and all of Indochina.

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Ms. Huong Le

French Sales Manager

My name is Huong Le and I was born in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. I love everything about this city – its peace, its hustle, its food and its people.

I have been working in tourism industry for 12 years with many experiences as a Sales and Operation staff. Before joining Paradise Travel some 10 years ago, I had gained working experiences in many reputable local tour operators.

For now, I am very happy with my current position as French Sales Manager at Paradise Travel since 2010. I am passionate about traveling and it would be my pleasure to introduce you our beautiful country, Vietnam as well as other exotic destinations in Southeast Asia such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

I am happy to help bring Vietnam to the world. Please let us assist you to design your own tailor-made trip.

Ms. Nhan Nguyen

Operation Manager

Having been working at Paradise Travel for over 10 years, Ms. Nhan Nguyen is an experienced Operations Manager who ensures that your trips will be safe, smooth and affordable. Qualified with a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Vietnam University of Commerce, she guarantees that all customers will be provided with high-quality transportation, accommodation, hospitality, and entertainment services when traveling to Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Tommy Ngo

IT Manager

Tommy Ngo (known as Quang Huy in Vietnamese), born in Bac Ninh province – Home of Quan Ho Traditional Folk Music. He studied at the University of Science of Hanoi and received the Bachelor Degree of Science in Information Technology (BScIT).

Prior to joining Paradise Travel as one of the company co-owners, Huy had several years of experience with the IT Manager position at some large companies. Huy is responsible to lead the IT department and to manage all the web development projects.

His requirement for IT team: User Friendly!

Any feedback about our website interfaces/ functions is warmly welcomed and appreciated!

His discipline keeps the web systems run smoothly and his IT skills keep us online. Huy really enjoys working with the young and talented team at Paradise Travel. He is also a simple and very friendly person. His flexibility and his task orientation, together with a great passion for the company’s development has made us very proud of him.

Ms. Linh Chi

English Sales Executive

My name is Linh Chi, a true beach lover. Graduated with a bachelor degree from RMIT University, yet my passion for exploring off-the-beaten-track destinations in Vietnam motivates me to join tourism sector. Currently, I am working as an English Sales and Travel Consultancy for US and European markets. Let us help you plan an unforgettable vacation.

Ms. Helen Pham

English Sales Executive

Hello! My nick name is Helen, Sales Executive at Paradise Travel. Phuong is my Vietnamese given name.

Graduated in Tourism at Hanoi Open university, I then joined the travel industry with my great passion. I have experience in Tourism in different companies before working at Paradise Travel.

I love what I am doing now: assisting people around the world to plan memorable trips to our destinations.

My job also fulfills my hobby: Travel and travel more!

Let me make your vacation plan comes true!

Ms. Amélie NGUYEN

French Sales Executive

Hello, my Vietnamese name is Phuong Anh, my nickname is Amélie. I was born and raised in Hanoi and graduated from Vietnam National University, majoring in French Language and Culture. Before joining Paradise Travel, I followed a training course in Annecy, France.

After a long time taking care of the marketing, customer cares and online support procedures, I well understand the customers’ needs and expectations about their tours in Vietnam and that we can design more suitable products for the seasons to come.

I have been to almost all places in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. My hobbies are traveling, reading, and exploring new cultures.


Ms. Linh Nguyen

French Sales Executive

My name is Linh and currently working at French Sales Department at Paradise Travel. I am an alumnus of Hanoi University, majoring in French language.

I love traveling and my dream is to discover the beauty of Vietnam and all countries around the world. Apart from traveling, I also love animals, especially dogs. Dogs are not only my favorite pets, nor are they merely friends, but for me, dogs are my soulmate. I am a very active and enthusiastic person at work. Whenever my colleagues need a hand from me, I’m always ready.

And for every customer, I will always be here to help customers get the best and most satisfying services when coming to Vietnam.

Ms. Bich Ngoc

Marketing Executive

Hello, this is Bich Ngoc. After graduating Foreign Trade University with a Bachelor Degree of International Economics, I have worked at Marketing Department in different companies. Currently, I am taking care of Marketing Executive position at Paradise Travel. As a true Vietnamese enthusiast of music, books and coffee, I love researching into those typical cultural characteristics of Vietnam as well as exploring further destinations in the country of thousand years of civilization.

Ms. Lan Nghiem

Marketing Executive

Hello, my name is Lan Nghiem. I was born in Hai Duong and graduated with a bachelor degree from from Vietnam National University, majoring in French Language and Culture. With a passion for travel and culture, I made my decision to work at Marketing Department in Paradise Travel, so that I can “travel through the letters” and learn more about culture. The best part of my job is sharing my knowledge to help you know more about our beautiful Vietnam, with friendly and hospitable people as well as other exotic destinations in Southeast Asia such as Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Ms. Ngoc Anh

Marketing Executive

My name is Ngoc Anh and i was born in Hanoi. I graduated from the Hanoi University, majoring in French language. I love traveling and exploring cultures of countries around the world. Before joining Paradise Travel, I took an internship at another Travel agency. Therefore, I understand the hassle that visitors have to go through with when traveling such as doing research, cramming information, comparing prices, etc. in order to plan the best-fit adventure. For this reason, I want to share my travel experiences and help other visitors so that they can have their most memorable trips ever.

Mr. Kevin Nguyen


After several years joining and gaining extensive experience in the Vietnam travel industry, in 2005, I decided to open my own business – Paradise Travel.

I have a passion for traveling and have come to know Southeast Asia very well. I have also broadened my business’s horizons by introducing new tours in Vietnam as well as adding journeys to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and China.

As one of the owners of Paradise Travel, my main goal is to educate and train my team to “put themselves in our customers’ shoes,” cater to their needs and wishes, and provide the best possible customer services, in addition to responding promptly to circumstances that may prevent a tour from going exactly according to their plans.

Southeast Asia is a developing tourist destination, which makes traveling around this unique part of the world so exciting. Our flexibility, professionalism, and dedication to high-quality service will inspire confidence and offer our customers the best possible experience in Vietnam and Indochina.

My team and I are highly motivated and strive to make Paradise Travel one of the best tour operators in Vietnam.